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Easter: Our Sequestered Gifts

Knowledge. Piety, Fear of God, Fortitude, Counsel, Understanding, Wisdom.

In the murder trial of George Floyd, the judge on Friday said beginning Monday the jury would be sequestered. He then gave them wise advice… Pack for the long and hope for the short. What a beautiful proclamation for our Easter season… 

“Pack for the long and hope for the short.”
We pack tightly our Spiritual suitcases with the seven wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit they are packed tightly in our heart and soul so no matter what trials or tribulations occur in our lives in the months and years ahead. We’ve sequestered ourselves in those timeless, divinely given gifts. 

We can then quickly and reverently open our spiritual suitcase and pull out as many gifts as we need. All set to handle the “long” as best we can but with always a hopeful eye to the “short.” This sums up Easter for me. Not only as a yearly season but as a way of life. How about you?