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Liturgical Ministries

Lectors. The proclamation of the Word of God at Mass is central to our celebration. When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people. Those who serve as readers must be clear, understandable and knowledgeable about the scripture being read. Lectors are people who have a love for scripture. Those interested in this ministry should contact Andy Kukec at kkukec@stcatherinemke.org. For lector procedures, click here. 

Lector Schedule November - December 2022 

Eucharistic Ministers. Eucharistic ministers, or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass. As ministers of Holy Communion, one is also called to be especially observant of Jesus’ command to love one’s neighbor in day-to-day living. Those who serve in this ministry need to be fully initiated members of the Church; that is, they must have received the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. Those interested in this ministry should contact Andy Kukec at kkukec@stcatherinemke.org. For Eucharistic minister procedures, click here.

Eucharistic Schedule November - December 2022     

Ushers. Ushers, or Ministers of Hospitality, have a special role in welcoming those who enter the church. They enhance our worship by welcoming people, seating them, taking up the collection, assisting anyone who may become ill, and distributing parish bulletins. Their hospitality is centered in the hospitality of Christ since we all come as invited guests of  Christ himself. Thus, ushers need to be welcoming, friendly people. If you are interested in becoming one of our ushers, contact Bill Bergeron at w.bergeron2019@outlook.com.

Servers. Servers assist the priest during Mass and may also carry the cross, the candles, and the thurible. They also help in the preparations before Mass. By its nature, this is a ministry that supports or assists other ministries. A good server knows the flow and movement of the liturgy well enough to anticipate the needs of the priest or other ministers. This is a ministry that is open to both children and adults. Those interested in this ministry should contact Andy Kukec in the parish office at 414-365-2020, ext. 15.

Server Schedule November - December 2022

Sacristans help with the preparations before Mass. These tasks may include making sure the bread and wine are on the gift table, preparing the chalice, plates and cups, etc. They also wash the Communion cups and plates after Mass. Sacristans are needed for weekday and weekend Masses. Time Commitment is every week, although that would change with additional sacristans. If interested please contact Andy Kukec, 414-365-2020, ext. 15.

Art and Environment. This group is responsible for the overall decorating of the church. Many opportunities are available in this ministry. Participants may help plan, prepare the decorations (sewing, flower arranging, etc.), or assist in physically decorating the church for one or more liturgical seasons. Volunteers may choose to assist as often as fits their schedule. For more information, contact Judy Laczniak, 262-252-3081, jlaczniak@milwpc.com.