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God Bless You, Debbie

“Life is changed, not ended….” And while there is finality in death that cannot be
denied for those left behind, therein also is the root of Christian hope, “a hope
that does not disappoint.” (Romans 5:5)

It is with great sorrow and sadness that we announce the death of our beloved
former parish director, Debbie Hintz.

As a result of a fall, Debbie passed into the arms of God on Friday afternoon
quietly, peacefully, gently, and without great fanfare. We rejoice in the confident
knowledge that she is at peace.

We are all shocked to hear this sad news. She gallantly fought against leukemia.
Your prayers for her since February were part of the reason for her continuing
strength and courage.

Debbie was known for her steadfast spirit. She faced her hardship with stamina
and always rejoiced in opportunities to celebrate life and living. Debbie was ever mindful
of family, friends, and parishioners always nurturing the bonds of relationship
with attention and affection, kindness, and care.

As Andy stated, “All of a sudden, it feels as if everything we do, everything we
plan seems so inconsequential.”

Whatever Debbie’s plans and hopes and dreams were, she is now in the ultimate
place where we all hope to someday be. She is again with the loved ones that have
gone before her, brother, dad, family members, and friends.

Sympathy cards can be delivered to the parish office to be forwarded
to Debbie’s mother and family.

The life of Debbie Hintz, the faithfulness she lived so well, the seeking of God in
which she persevered until her last breath. remain with us in memory and call us
to be present in the here and now.

May our living be marked by faithfulness, love, and hopefulness modeling the
example of this woman, so that God will be glorified in all manner of being now
and evermore. Amen.

Rest in peace, Debbie.