8661 North 76th Place, Milwaukee, WI 53223 | A Northwest Milwaukee Catholic Parish

St. Catherine Cemetery

Our cemetery has been in its current location since 1910. It is located across the street and south of the church on 76th Place. We opened an area for new graves in Spring 2018. For more information about our cemetery expansion, click here. The columbarium that is referenced in this document has been installed including Phase 2 since most niches in Phase 1 sold prior to construction. More details about that can be found here.

For information about the purchase of a grave or a niche in our columbarium, contact parish office, at 414.365.2020.

Restoration of Cemetery Statues
Our cemetery statues were restored in Summer 2018. There is more work to be done, however, and that will happen in early Spring 2020. Click here to see photos of the progress being made.