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Stewardship Committee Member

This committee develops ways to invite our parishioners to be involved in the parish through the sharing of their time, talents and treasure. This understanding of stewardship is based on our response to the many blessings that God has given each one of us. We want people to be involved in the parish not simply because we need them and the gifts they can bring. Even more so, we want our parishioners to see how stewardship is a way of life for every Christian.

Time Commitment: Meetings on the 4th Monday of the month, 6 – 8  times a year
Contact: Fr. Joe in the parish office, 365-2020, ext. 11; jjagodensky@stcatherinemke.org

New Parishioner Welcoming Committee

This is a new committee the Stewardship committee would like to form. Members would welcome new parishioners by sending welcome cards and making phone calls to them. The cards and phone script would be provided; all you will need is a phone and an outgoing sociable attitude for this committee.

Time Commitment: Minimal
Contact: Fr. Joe, 365-2020, ext. 11; jjagodensky@stcatherinemke.org

"Stewardship Corner" Writer

The Stewardship Committee publishes a monthly feature in the parish bulletin highlighting the contributions of individual parishioners. This involves a phone call or meeting with the person you are writing about and writing the article after the interview is completed. A computer with email is helpful but not necessary.

Time Commitment: One or two hours a month
Contact: Mary Buckley, 355-0010


This committee is looking for two or three people who enjoy photography. We would like to put slide shows of parish events together to share with the parish at future dates, perhaps Donut Sundays or at the Chili Dinner. A digital camera would be necessary along with attendance at parish events throughout the year.

Time Commitment: Depends on the number of volunteers and events
Contact: Fr. Joe, 365-2020, ext. 11; jjagodensky@stcatherinemke.org