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Information and Sermons

Information and Sermons

The Red Wrapped Gift

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

It’s beautifully wrapped. Wrapped in red paper. Why red? It seems to be a color that stands out, so why not enfold this specially boxed gift in the color red.Like any gift that’s received, it’s meant to be opened. After unwrapping you hear grandmother yell from across the room, ... Read More »

Disciple Maker Index

Posted by Jon Gabik

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"God, Jr.?" Not, Even

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

There are probably worst things in the world, but that list would have to include being named with ”Junior” after your name.You don’t believe me? Just think of poor Frank Sinatra,… Jr. I can rest my case. This poor guy has to carry his father’s handle throughout his life. ... Read More »

Advent's Anticipation

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

“Wait, wait,” we hear far too often. “Just wait, it will come.” Waiting. It’s an anxious word. Uneasy, even agitating. You arrive in Florida for your January vacation. You’re told your room will be ready in about an hour when you made your reservation months before. “About.” So you ... Read More »

"Disney" or "Christ?"

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

It’s good you’re sitting down. Since I don’t have kids, I was floored by the Disney Kingdom’s pre-virus sticker price for four days. Two adults (over 10-years-old, parents are getting younger every day) along with two children under ten years costs – ready for this? $2,624.00. Now, remember that ... Read More »

One Tiny Flame

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

The Parable of My Tiny Flame on My Kitchen Table(Please listen for these four words and their application to your lives)single flame:  the pilot light of our lives that burns that is needed to burn throughout our lives.
scent:  the promises of life that are not always realized; whether real ... Read More »

"Investment, Yield, Return"

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

(spoken softly)Let’s see. If I enter the Calendar Raffle, I could win $25.00 for a weekday but a $100.00 for a Sunday. Ummm. It only costs me $25.00 and I’m good for the whole year. But if I put that $25.00 under a rock then I’ll have that $25.00 ... Read More »

Fr. Joe Hornacek's Sermon for Debbie Hintz

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Ecclesiastes 3:1-15Romans 8:16-34, 37-39John 11:17-27 Friday, 10-30-20 - Debbie Ann Hintz Our heartfelt concern and promise of continued prayers go out to each of you:  Gladys, Jean and Jeff, The Van, Laurie and Tom, Dave and Rachel, Tim and Elizabeth, Angie, Fr. Dick, and all Debbie’s aunts and uncles, ... Read More »

Joseph and His Dreamcoat

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Northwest Catholic Prayer Service

"All Saints," Opposites Unite

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Up or down. Asleep or awake? Then there is also big, small and colorless black, white. Life’s opposites. Or, so we think. It’s been said that in dating, opposites often attract. In religion, we believe the opposite of opposites. In religion, opposites unite. In daily life, it makes sense ... Read More »