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Information and Sermons

Information and Sermons

"Prodigal Son?" You're Kidding

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Christianity rarely gets things wrong but titling this Gospel “The Prodigal Son” is an outright mistake. That’s like calling “I Love Lucy” a TV show about Ethel. The title ought to be “The Crazy Loving Father,” for he is the glaring and shining star of the story.

Ready for ... Read More »

Martha & Mary

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

During a sickness, illness or compromising health, who prays to God saying, “Keep it coming Lord!”  I think your primary doctor would quickly increase your drug dosage.

Yet, St. Paul, subjected to numerous afflictions - all done by him on behalf of his commitment to Christ - says precisely ... Read More »

Trinity Motel

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Think Motel

God owns the place. Jesus Christ is behind the desk answering the phones and registering guests and the Holy Spirit? 

The Holy Spirit cleans all the rooms. She has the master key along with her cart full of stuff to replace the stuff that we either use ... Read More »

Anointing of the Sick Mass

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Welcome to this “Healing Weekend.” Well, every weekend is healing in relaxing the body, mind and spirit and then enlivening the mind, body, and spirit at Mass. This weekend, we honor and offer the beautiful sacrament of the sick. As I wrote in the bulletin, it is no longer ... Read More »

"No One Can Take You Out of My Hands"

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

You’re panicking and you’re anxious So, what do you do? You punch 911 on your phone. Wrong. You’d have either Bell or Parateck at your home with all of their paperwork and machines and they’d be wearing boots as though your home is full of mud. And, their bill ... Read More »

"JC" and "Lil' Petey"

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Is our Gospel story today about the relationship between Jesus and Peter? Or is this a story about our living the life of Peter or, worse ever, us pretending to be Jesus?

Ummm. I wonder.

Jesus lovingly asks, “Peter, do you love me?” “Yes, Lord, you know that I ... Read More »

Easter, 2022

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

(for past sermons, choose "About," drop down menu, and choose "Sermons") "Sharing the Light"

Just imagine. Your boss told you that you have that new position that you’ve been working toward. Just Imagine. You just got engaged to be married. Just imagine. Those test results came back negative. Just ... Read More »

Good Friday, 2022

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

(for past sermons, choose "About," drop down menu, and choose "Sermons") "The Fledgling Flame"

It flickers back and forth, ever so slowly so as to not extinguish itself. The wax surrounding it allows the tiny flame to stay lit. A cold December night on my kitchen table rests my ... Read More »

Holy Thursday, 2022

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

(for past sermons, choose "About," drop down menu, and choose "Sermons") "Passing the Light"

Please excuse my bluntness. I don’t know if it’s sad news or good news. Fr. Joe is shrinking. I know, it’s true. “Two inches” last year, he told me. It could be more even as ... Read More »

Reconcilation Service

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

The great theologian, Joni Mitchell, illuminates what “reconciliation” is all about for us today. Well, okay, so she’s not a theologian, but her song is worthy of our ponderings.

Her refrain sings, “And the seasons [in our case our lives] go round and round, and the painted ponies [those ... Read More »