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Information and Sermons

Information and Sermons

Timely and Timeless

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

"It's about time," your mother says, sitting in the living room in her pj's at 1:00 a.m. when you promised to be home at curfew's 11:00 p.m. Time appears to then take a new meaning when it is reduced to time that is grounded. "Two full weeks!?"

Said quickly ... Read More »

"What Are You Looking For?"

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

The department store clerk, working on commission, approaches you and asks, “What are you looking for?” “Just browsing,” you reply. 

Lots of browsing in churches and other places of worship these days. It’s what cynics call, “Ala cart Catholics.” 

But what about us? We the regulars at this weekly ... Read More »

5th Sunday Collection

Posted by Jon Gabik

Sunday, January 31st is one of our 5th Sunday Human Concerns Collections for outside organizations.  On the weekend of January 30th &  31st, we will have a collection for the Food, Faith, and Farming Network.  In the past, we supported the Farmers Market which supported this organization.  With the ... Read More »

Baptism of Jesus

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

The Baptism of Jesus…pretty powerful since Jesus was without sin.Thank you for my baptism to St. Catherine. You are slowly allowing yourselves a chuckle or two during a sermon. It’s okay. The walls of this ancient church will not crumble when a reference is made for your humorous approval ... Read More »


Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

My favorite time of the year is this between time between Christmas and New Years’. It’s a favorite because it describes a pet word of mine. Its meaning means what we all love …and… sometimes hate. “Inbetween.” I know that it’s two words, as it should be, because it ... Read More »

Dysfuntional? Family

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

Either Ozzie Nelson was left with a lot of money or he made an imaginary income, but we know that he left the house. Harriet, wearing pearls around her neck and always wearing a bewildering look on her face raised their two sons when only one mattered, Ricky Nelson. ... Read More »

"Keep Your Fork," Xmas reflection

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

God sent His Son, His only Son to bring the world redemption through love, mercy, and hope. We acknowledge and honor that great event once again. God did a pretty good job, don’t you think? Jesus did a pretty good job of it, don’t you think? Jesus had but ... Read More »

The Red Wrapped Gift

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

It’s beautifully wrapped. Wrapped in red paper. Why red? It seems to be a color that stands out, so why not enfold this specially boxed gift in the color red.Like any gift that’s received, it’s meant to be opened. After unwrapping you hear grandmother yell from across the room, ... Read More »

Disciple Maker Index

Posted by Jon Gabik

For more information, click read more for a link to each part:

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"God, Jr.?" Not, Even

Posted by Fr. Joe Jagodensky

There are probably worst things in the world, but that list would have to include being named with ”Junior” after your name.You don’t believe me? Just think of poor Frank Sinatra,… Jr. I can rest my case. This poor guy has to carry his father’s handle throughout his life. ... Read More »